10 Signs He Wants to Make Love to You (And Not Just Have Sex)

10 Signs He Wants to Make Love to You (And Not Just Have Sex)

The sexual act is primarily about the physical aspect and the desire to gratify each other’s bodies in an erotically satisfying way.

For some people, sexual activity in a casual setting may not mean anything, while for others, the act of making love may mean everything.

For a man, making love is about more than just having sexual encounters. If he makes love to you, it indicates that he loves you and wants to please you intimately; he wants to have passionate, romantic sex with you.

Keep an eye out for the following telltale signals that he wants to make love with you as opposed to simply having sex with you.

10 Signs He Wants to Make Love to You and Not Just Have Sex

If he does not make love to you, it indicates that he does not love you. When making love, there is not simply a physical connection between the two people, but also an emotional connection, which results in a significantly increased degree of intimacy.

Understanding this distinction will help you determine the kind of relationship you are currently in (or the kind of relationship you want to be in), so that you can satisfy both your sexual and emotional needs.

Some men are just interested in casual sexual encounters. These are the guys that don’t want to settle down or commit to anything; all they want to do is sleep around.

When it comes to dating, many guys believe that the most important factor is how physically attractive the other person is.

You may avoid associating with these people, considering the goals that you have set for yourself.

Others are of a more grave kind. They are looking for a committed relationship with an incredible woman. It’s not only about being physically attracted to one another; it also involves being physically intimate.

If it is something that you are interested in as well, then you should keep an eye out for these people. Even if he is trying to conceal how he feels about you, there are a lot of clues that point to the fact that he loves and respects you.

Here are 10 Signs He Wants to Make Love to You (And Not Just Have Sex)

1.     Give You Compliments Instead of Trying to Flirt with You 

A man who is interested in having sex with you but not anything else would just flirt with you. His praises aren’t genuine, and they come out more as flirting than anything else.

On the other hand, a man who is interested in making love to you would genuinely compliment you. He just does not compliment you on how wonderful you are. He will go into detail about the feature of your appearance that fascinates him the most.

He will let you know if the problem is with your eyes. If it’s your smile, he’ll talk about how beautiful it is.

A man who is interested in having sexual relations with you will make you feel as though you are the most stunning lady in the entire world.

If a guy does this, in addition to the other indicators mentioned in this article, it is unmistakable evidence that he wants to have sexual relations with you.

2.     He Can’t Help but Gaze Upon You All the Time

When you look into the eyes of your man, you can tell if he is falling in love with you since the eyes are the window to the soul. Eye contact is avoided by a man who just wants to have sexual encounters.

When your partner can’t stop staring at you and making eye contact with you, that’s when you know he can’t get enough of you and that he wants to make love to you.

If he can’t stop staring at you and making eye contact with you, then you know he wants to make love to you.

He will locate you in a room full of people and offer you a grin and a wink that will not only cause you to blush but will also make you feel all euphoric and excited on the inside.

Your attractiveness is irresistible to him, and he can’t help but look at you up and down as if he were admiring a statue of beauty.

3.     He Is Not Bothered When Things Move at a Sluggish Pace

A man who is interested in having sexual relations with you will show you the utmost respect by proceeding slowly if you request it because he is aware that doing things slowly is the key to success in competitions.

Because he is concerned about how you are feeling and wants to make you happy on both a physical and an emotional level, he will never do anything that would put you in an awkward situation.

In addition to this, he wants to have more time to spend with you engaging in foreplay and making you excited and aroused for him. If, after the foreplay, you decide that you do not want to have sex, he will accept that decision and wait for you.

He will also respect whatever decision you make, and he won’t be upset if you can’t just Netflix and relax.

4.     Prioritize Spending Time with You Than His Hobbies

Have you ever required his assistance when you knew that he was either hanging out with pals or relaxing at home? Despite everything, did he come to assist you?

If he did, it is evident that he places a higher priority on you than he does on his interests.

Caution is warranted, though, because the fact that he makes you his priority all the time may not always be a positive indicator.

If he does, then over time he will become needier and needier, and you will get more and more upset and unsatisfied with the relationship.

5.     Shows Efforts in Making Sure That You Are Satisfied

One of the apparent symptoms that your guy is making love to you is when you notice that he is questioning you during an intimate moment about your likes, dislikes, preferences, and even your secret fantasies and wishes.

Beautiful sexy couple in love hugging and kissing during foreplay

This is one of the distinct indicators that he is making love to you.

To determine whether or not you are on the same page as him, he will pay attention to how you respond and react. After that, he will continue doing what he is doing until he is confident that he has effectively satisfied you.

Assume that there is no emotional investment in what you have and that it is entirely sexual in nature. If this is the case, then his efforts are driven by a desire to gratify themselves.

This is a resounding indication that the only reason he is there is to take part in the physical aspects of everything.

6.     He Will Treat You with Respect During Your Love Making

One of the indicators that he loves you is when he shows you respect while becoming personal with you.

Another strong clue is if he respects you even when you’re not together in an intimate setting.

A man who is intent on making love to you will always strive to treat you well, have a good time with you regardless of what you’re doing, and be always emotionally accessible to you.

When he is conversing with you, he will pay attention to how he speaks as well as the tone of his voice and the things that he does for you.

If however, it is only about sexual activity, then you can forget about being treated well in any other aspect of the relationship.

Most of your conversations will be about sex, and either they will pay very little attention to your feelings or interests, or they will pay them no mind at all.

This is a resounding sign that the only thing this person wants to do is have sexual encounters.

7.     He Places a Strong Emphasis on Foreplay

Foreplay is undeniably important when it comes to the actual act of making love between two people. For males, the existence of foreplay may not be as big of a concern as it is for women, but for women, the presence of foreplay is crucial.

It is a sign of how much your partner cares about you and your emotions if during foreplay he takes his time, makes sure he is giving you the most pleasurable experience he is capable of, and even engages in oral sex with you.

He will patiently wait for you to be in the mood, and then he will assist you in reaching a climax if that is what you enjoy.

High Heels in Bed

If, on the other hand, a man is only interested in having sexual encounters, then you may expect him to give very little attention to the foreplay, or possibly none at all.

Lovemaking, in contrast to sexual activity, should comprise performing sensuous activities and making sensual gestures toward one another to heighten the mutual desire for one another before engaging in sexual activity.

8.     There Will Be Interesting Discussions

After making love to one another, a couple who have just been intimate together may communicate effectively with one another.

Because the two of you have already been through the experience together, walls may have come down, allowing for deeper and more honest communication during these dialogues that take place after making love.

You and your man may have personal conversations about the most private and sensitive aspects of your life and feelings.

If the only thing that took place was sexual activity, then either there aren’t any meaningful dialogues, you face in opposite directions while you’re in bed, or you don’t feel interested in each other’s personal lives.

Or you might converse, but the topic won’t go beyond how the sex went and whether or not you want to continue engaging in it.

There is not a profound connection or link that may be experienced.

9.     He Reveals His Devotion for You

He won’t truly show you any affection if all he wants from you is sex. He won’t be kind to you or attempt to display his kind, compassionate side.

However, if there are feelings there, you will be able to tell through his actions and demeanor towards you. You can tell how he feels about you and how he feels about you by the way he interacts with and acts toward you.  

A man who cares about you will demonstrate his devotion by giving you a strong embrace, gently brushing your hair off your face, giving you a sweet kiss on the head, or intertwining your fingers with his.

If you observe him engaging in these behaviors and displaying signs of affection, he is engaging in more intense sexual activity.

10.     He Will Continue to Communicate with You

You will find that your boyfriend will continue to communicate with you even when you are not in the bedroom if he is passionate about having sexual encounters with you.

Before and after he engages in sexual activity with you, he will send you texts that are kind, polite, and full of romance.

He will check on you to see how you are doing and will inquire as to whether or not everything is going okay with you – maybe even make the trip over to visit you.

If, on the other hand, the guy is only interested in sexual encounters, then none of the events described above will take place.

He will not call you after the event, nor will he check to see if you are all right. Instead, when he feels the need to have his sexual needs gratified, he will try to contact someone.

It is possible that his family or other people in his inner circle do not even know about you, and it is quite unlikely that you would be seen together in public. It will simply consist of getting together to have sexual encounters.

Final Thoughts on 10 Signs He Wants to Make Love to You (and not Just Have Sex). 

For any woman who finds herself seriously attracted to the point of beginning to fall in love with a man, the above is required reading.

Any woman in that position will find it hard to stop herself from falling head over heels and giving herself freely and sexually to someone who could potentially hurt her.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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