About Lifestyle Divorce

Lifestyle Divorce is about making each person going through the divorce to feel like there is hope after divorce. We explore the different stages of divorce, before, during and after the divorce.

It deals with the legal and moral questions men and women face in relationships and dating during these difficult times.

We explain the procedures in the different states and generally try and ease your burden.

We answer your general legal questions and consider different options regarding your lifestyle choices.

Martin Vermaak, the Lifestyle Divorce Founder, is a Divorce Attorney with over 20 years of experience in International Divorce and Family Law.

Divorce Lawyer Martin Vermaak (Founder of Lifestyledivorce.com)

Martin has listened to thousands of people during their divorces and helped them through the process. This has given him an insider’s point of view on divorces and what people go through during this time.

Our Editor, Patricia Godwin, has worked as the Practice Manager at Martin’s law firm for over 15 years. She is a qualified Counsellor, and she has had many counselling sessions with people considering or going through a divorce.

Patricia Godwin (Editor of Lifestyledivorce.com)

Patricia is also a divorce survivor, going through two divorces and severe domestic abuse.

Further, we have guest writers for this website, some of whom are professional experts. This helps give our readers a balanced perspective. Various authors give information about divorce, and life after divorce, with practical examples.

We also tell stories of people going through difficult times, but we try to focus on the positive and the humorous aspects. Divorces are hard no matter the circumstances, but there is always a chance to find the bright side. No matter what you are going through, we will help you through it as best as we can.

Please remember, there is life after divorce. Divorce is a phase – if painful –circumstances cause you to go through. We help you get to the other end and show you that you make a new life for yourself post-divorce.

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