High Heels and Stockings in Bed

Is there anything sexier than a woman wearing a pair of high heels and stockings? This half-dressed look gives a naughty feel to sex which makes it that much more enticing for both of you.

High heels and stockings have been a sexy bedroom look since at least the 1940s when the pin-up girl images first started appearing. A woman wearing heels and lingerie to bed gives an impression of power and control that men absolutely cannot resist.

Want to learn more about what makes stockings and heels such a turn on? Keep reading for more hot details.

History of High Heels and Lingerie in the Bedroom

While women have always worn some type of lingerie to bed, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that the focus became less functional and sexier.

Designers at this time started experimenting with more feminine and attractive lingerie.

The idea was to create clothing that appealed to both men and women. They wanted to make something that women who wore it felt confident and sexy, and men found attractive to look at.

Over time designers have created a vast array of lingerie. Bras, panties, teddies, stockings, garter belts, and negligees are all types of lingerie. You can find lingerie in a range of materials including silk, satin, and even leather!

In the 1940s we saw the emergence of pin up girls illustrated on calendars and posters. They often wore high heels, and this association created a connection between high heels and sexuality.

It wasn’t long after that women started wearing heels in the bedroom. In 1950 the stiletto was invented. This very tall, skinny heel is the ultimate choice for sexy footwear.

High Heels in Bed

The Reality of It All

The truth is that two world wars had occurred during the 1900s. The first lasted for four years (1914-1918) the second was the bloodiest and raged on for seven years (1939-1945).

The two wars, separated by only 20 years, cut down the population indescribably and left the world minus thousands upon thousands of young men.

Lust, Sex and Fertility

Lingerie worn by sexy and voluptuous women was the idea of the world leaders to encourage restoring the world population. The idea was lust, sex, fertility and production.

Posters of the perfect temptress, Marilyn Monroe, were everywhere.

Unconsciously the nations followed suit and pregnancies were in abundance shortly thereafter.

Anorexia to Stop the Production

Interestingly, in the 1960s it was again a decision by the world leaders that things had gone a bit too far and it was now necessary to cut back on the pregnancies – but obvious keep the sex.

Shortly thereafter there were ubiquitous posters of a thin model – Jean Shrimpton – and the skinniest young lady model ever seen – Twiggy – with a face like an angel and an anorexic looking body.

The 1960s and 1970s were the time of the tomboy, with short hairstyles, wide eyes, narrow hips; and condoms, coils and birth control pills.

It was time to stop producing babies. All women went on diets, lost a huge amount of weight and production was unconsciously reduced to the minimum.

Why Are High Heels and Stockings in Bed Such a Turn On?

What is it about a woman in stockings and heels that fills a man with desire? It turns out that wearing high heels changes the way a woman’s body looks.

Obviously, it makes her look taller which can be sexy. It also makes her legs appear longer and accentuates the roundness of the calves.

When women wear high heels their backs arch which makes their behinds stick out and their chests push up. This draws the eye to her breasts and backside and instantly you’re thinking about sex!

Wearing stockings with heels gives an impression of professionalism. This can be a huge turn on as it brings to mind fantasies men have about their female boss or former teacher.

How Do I Get My Wife to Wear High Heels and Stockings in Bed?

If you’re looking for a way to bring more passion and excitement to the bedroom, heels and stockings are a great combo to try. But how do you bring this up to your wife?

You’ve got a couple of options. First, try surprising her.

Go out and buy some high heels, (make sure you get the right size), that you find sexy.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a suspender belt because todays women wear tights so she won’t have such an item and this lovely item adds to the excitement.

Wrap them up in a box with some ribbon and leave it as a gift for her. You can even include a note about how hot you think she’ll look wearing them!

Another option is just ask her! Most women are happy to wear lingerie and heels to bed if they know their husband likes it. In fact, she’s probably considered it in the past but wasn’t sure what you would think.

Let her know that you would like her to wear stockings and heels the next time you head to the bedroom. Chances are it will excite her just as much as you.

Do Heels Make You Sexier? And What About Stockings?

Wearing high heels and stockings makes women not only look sexier but feel sexier too. Women get a boost of confidence from wearing stockings and heels.

This is partly because of the sense of power and professionalism that it evokes. But also, women know that this combination makes men weak at the knees! Having that power over men makes a woman feel sexy.

What Do High Heels Represent?

High heels are the ultimate symbol of femininity and womanhood. Believe it or not, at one point only men wore high heels. But today, they are strongly associated with women and sexuality.

It’s hard to look at a pair of heels without thinking about sex and erotica. So many images in magazines and films portray women in heels as very sexual and naughty.

When a man sees a woman wearing heels his mind goes to getting her into bed.

High heels also bring to mind fantasies that men have about sex.

Maybe it’s a fantasy about sleeping with the boss who wears heels and a power suit to the office. Or it reminds him of a flight attendant on a plane or a secretary that he’s been drawn to.

Many men are also attracted to the idea of being dominated by a woman. High heels are often worn by a dominatrix because of their association with sex and power. A woman who wears high heels to bed can be a huge turn on because of this. Erotica at it’s best!

Some Married Men Also Wear Them

It’s known that in greater quantities than we realize, married men turn the tables and enjoy wearing the stockings and high heeled shoes for their wives’ pleasure.

A great number of men are turned on by the sight and touch of a sexy high heeled shoe and some men just want to own a few pairs of chic shoes to touch them and look at them and just imagine.

Sure, it’s sounds really kinky, but the reality is that some men are so turned on by the high heels, suspender belts and the feel of the stockings against their skin and that they reverse the roles, and hundreds of couples find it enormous fun.

Final Thoughts on High Heels and Stockings in Bed

If you get hot and excited at the sight of a woman in high heels and stockings, you’re not alone! This combination is one of the sexiest things a woman can wear.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, surprise your wife with a sexy pair of heels tonight! Or just wear a pair yourself if that’s what you both like. It’s immaterial because it’s all about fantasies, high heels and stockings in bed!


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