Married Men Who Flirt (What You Need to Know)

Married Men Who Flirt (What You Need to Know)

Men are needier than women about wanting to feel desired.

Married Men Who Flirt (What You Need to Know)

A man flirts: to get sex, to explore what it would be like to be in a relationship. He seems to want something specific out of it. To Increase his marketable value, strengthen an illicit relationship, increase self-esteem, make the wife jealous, and have fun as the motivations are so diverse.

One misunderstood factor of a man’s sense of virility and masculinity is the ability to feel marketable. But he takes this a step further. It’s not just healthy, but perhaps vital for a man.

The more likely the other partner feels insecure and fights this natural need, the more a man could feel constrained in the relationship.

Foremost, although not every couple agrees on this. According to some experts, flirtation is a symptom of dissatisfaction with some aspect of the relationship.

However, some therapists and psychologists recommend that the behaviour be understood both by men and their partners within a broader psychological and social context.

Is He Flirting or Just Being Nice?

Some people are naturally friendly. It doesn’t matter whom they’re talking to or interacting with, and they have no conscious intention of flirting. It’s simply in their nature.

Sometimes a guy who is a sincere, friendly, and happily married man may still be flirtatious even though he doesn’t mean to do so.

Knowing The Difference Between Being Nice and Flirtatious, Here Are Some Common Signs That A Married Man May Be Flirting With You:

Man’s Body Language.

It is one of the best ways to tell if someone is flirting with you.

Here are some indicators and check out for these:

He turns toward you when you stand or sit next to one another. His feet pointed at you. He looks you directly in the eyes when you’re talking.

Man’s Touch.

Some friendly married men could be very touchy-feely.

But one of the surest ways to tell if he is flirting with you is if he’s touching you gently. A simple, gentle touch on the arm while laughing at your joke. He was asking about your day.

He would find ways to be closer to you and touch you frequently whenever he got the opportunity.

Man Teases You.

Men are great at teasing. They have been teasing girls since elementary school on the playground and even pre-school! That said, they have had much practice since then. 

Practice makes perfect. It may seem almost silly for a grown man to tease you. But it is just as effective as many other flirting techniques in the arsenal.

Man Remembers What You Say.

For instance, he saw you at the end-of-season little league barbecue last week. Afterwards, a week later, at his kid’s birthday party, he sees you again. Hence, a week passed, and he still remembered the details of your conversation.

A follow-up of your conversation, like asking how your son’s scraped knee is, how the girls’ night out went, and how the taste of the chicken came out?

A married man who is not interested in you usually would not remember those tiny details. Nor would he mention them other than to spark up another conversation with you.

Man, Texts You All the Time.

A text might be innocent. However, if the content deals with things that include just you two, the readers are coming in all day and night.

Somehow, the messages are intimate and of his personal life. He is probably flirting with you.

Man Focuses on You.

A married man should be focusing on his wife, not you.

For instance, there could be 100 people at a party, including his wife, whose attention is only on you.

He does not look away when he talks. He holds that eye contact. He listens to you, and you might find him leaning in and asking, “What did you say?”

He hears you. He will use any excuse to get closer to you.

It signifies a married man flirting with you by proximity and physical contact.

Man flirting with a woman at work

Reasons Why Married Men Flirt:

1.     A Married Man Feeding His Desires to Be Wanted.

Most married men flirt to feed their desire of being wanted. Though he is married, he always wants confirmation that he is still attractive, not just within his married life.

He needs to boost his self-esteem, ego, and confidence excessively. Or else he doesn’t feel wanted or desired.

His wife does express her attraction toward him in many ways. But he is insecure enough not to feel validated without lots of positive attention from other women.

Thus, despite being a married man, he still has a desire to be wanted.

2.     A Married Man’s Marriage Lacks Intimacy.

Likely similar to his need to feel wanted. He may not receive the attention and intimacy he once had with his wife. There are several reasons why.

The mere fact that life is busy and full of responsibilities, kids, work, and as a result, the attention to marriage has taken a step back.

The sweetness and thrill of the early days after the honeymoon stage might have fizzled out. He feels he is now looking at a partnership rather than an exciting marriage.

He is looking to fill that void through flirting as a married man.

3.     The Thrill of The Chase.

Man likes the thrill of the chase—the lure of the excitement of something new and risky.

Married man looking to flirt with other women for excitement to fill his desires. The excitement of someone’s feelings when trying to find something and achieve something difficult.

Whenever you know someone’s husband is a flirt, do not just stand by and be his forbidden fruit.

Married men flirt, but married life is meant for flirting with one’s spouse, not elsewhere.

4.     The Thrill of Being Risky.

Like the thrill of the chase, a married man flirts because it is risky.

He knows it is wrong and dangerous. He understands there’ll be dire consequences if he gets caught. It just makes it more exciting for him.

The fact that it is terrible and dishonest is why he is doing it. Just like an outlaw, his desire to break the rules is vital. It excites and arouses him.

The inclination to take these high risks may be hard-wired into the brain. He was linked to arousal and pleasure mechanisms. Sometimes his behaviour could be considered akin to an addiction.

5.     A Married Man Is Manipulative.

Whenever a married man feels a lack of intimacy in his marriage or somehow a lack of desire from his wife, he may resort to manipulative measures to get what he wants.

Sometimes, if the marriage is just in a holding pattern and he feels disconnected, he may resort to this issue.

For instance, a married man will flirt with another woman within the eyeshot of his wife. He likes her to see him flirting. That is one of the purposes of flirting with another woman to make his wife jealous and insecure so that she will overcompensate and fill his needs.

This way of flirtation does not display how this married man is attracted to the woman. It does not show how this married man is dedicated to his married life.

This married man is not concerned about his wife’s feelings, not only flirting but flirting in a group setting. The fact that he is displaying emotions he should not.

Some people manipulate, influence, and control others using mental and emotional exploitation. They intend to have power and control over you to get what they want.

Manipulation is wrong and destructive to married people and single people. It is emotional abuse and should be dealt with firmly and immediately.

6.     A Married Man Wants Sex.

Some married men and men generally like flirting to have sex. They don’t think beyond that.

It is a combination of other flirtatious reasons. It is risky, and it is the thrill of the chase. Flirting and jumping in bed with another woman might have nothing to do with sex.

Maybe, he perceives his married insufficient for his needs. His married life sex life with his wife might be great, yet he is still driven to flirt with another woman to fulfil that risk and thrill.

This is dangerous, irresponsible, and potentially harmful behaviour. If you are one of these victimised women – cut and run before it’s too later.

No To Flirting

A married man flirting with you is never good. The intentions behind the flirting are likely to have nothing to do with you.

Everything to do with him like: he lacks feeling desired, his married life lacks intimacy, he gets high off the thrill of the chase, he loves that it’s risky, he’s using you to make his wife jealous and to do this, and because he can, he wants to have sex with you.

These reasons for flirting are harsh but honest. Signs a married man is flirting are evident.

You should leave and end the situation immediately. It would help if you understood that everything behind the flirtation is for his benefit.  You could go as far as saying there is a dash of manipulation with his intentions.

He wants something, and he’s flirting to get it. If you’re an attractive woman, a married man may tell you every wonderful thing you want to hear. Such as how beautiful you are, how he loves your smile and cute laugh, and how his marriage is dead.

Consider these questions: Would you want him flirting with another woman if his wife were you? Is it healthy for a married couple to break up because of you? Has he returned to his wife after using you for his gratification?

Flirtation could lead to emotional and physical infidelity. The results could be one of the most destructive things to married couples.

Statistics show that 22 % of flirting married men have committed an adulterous act at least once in their life. Thant 17% of all divorces are due to adultery. It could undermine trust and crumble the foundation of the relationship.

If ever you find yourself in this situation with a married man, what steps can you take?

What Should You Do If a Married Man Seems Flirting with You?

Be Honest and Straightforward About Your Intentions.

Even though you may enjoy and experience the attention and accolades he gives you, he remembers he is married.

He is involved with a married woman who is not you and is not you for a reason.

The thing is that being involved with a married man who is using you will only cause you heartbreak.

Be aware that flirting with you is wrong, and it needs to stop immediately.

Stop All Contact.

It is vital to remove him from your contacts and all social media. Doing this will help you eliminate the temptation to answer his call or respond to his text, especially when you feel lonely or down.

Just remember, a married man flirting will not bring you permanent company or joy.

Focus Your Attention on Something Else.

You have removed him from your contacts; now, focus your attention on something else. It may be a hobby, going out with friends, or watching a movie.

These would help you resist the temptation to contact him, which will become more accessible daily.

Mention His Wife.

You know he is married. This is the best way and more effective measure to illuminate the obvious.

Try to ask him how his wife is doing. Their family plans for the weekend. This technique will shift the spotlight from you and him to his wife. See how he reacts to that.

Final Thoughts on Married Men Who Flirt (What You Need to Know)

Sometimes, being friendly is just like that.

Although there are some instances when they don’t realise they are flirting until it is too late, and they are already in a relationship with someone.

Or where a married man will be upfront about his intentions and unaware of what he’s doing. Flirting, for some, could be incredibly fun and pleasurable. They enjoy the attention that comes with it and like how women respond to them and feel desired.

Lastly, a married man is somehow looking for a one-night stand, not a relationship. Suppose you are not entirely sure what constitutes appropriate flirting behaviour.  It is essential to know and be aware of what your boundaries are.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to assist some people with this information. We wish you a happy and predator-free love life – and a very faithful and blissful marriage.

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