My Ex Just Got Engaged to Their New Partner — Why Do I Care?

My Ex Just Got Engaged to Their New Partner Why Do I Care

Maybe you find out while checking your Facebook page, or perhaps someone mentions it to you thinking you already know. The point is you suddenly feel blindsided.

My Ex Just Got Engaged to Their New Partner — Why Do I Care?

Feel the Feelings, Analyze Them, And Then Release Them;  With Your Mutual Pals, Establish Boundaries;  Feel No Obligation to Congratulate Your Ex;  Stop Monitoring People on Social Media;  Keep Occupied and Surrounded by Those Who Love You;  List All the Reasons Why It Ended in Writing; You Don’t Need to Tell Your Present Partner About This.

You feel as though the breath has been knocked out of you. A part of you never imagined that this would occur. The shock of the news leaves you momentarily speechless and immobile.

Things To Do to Deal with The Fact That Your Ex Is Getting Married To Someone Else

1.     Feel the Feelings, Analyze Them, And Then Release Them. 

It’s crucial to Experience your hurt, disappointment, despair, and rage.

Share your heartaches with your trusted friends and embrace the painful feelings that you feel but learn to let go because if you don’t move on you’ll be suffering the rest of your life.

2.     With Your Mutual Pals, Establish Boundaries.

Tell them you don’t want to hear any updates about your Ex if you still hang out with their buddies, because they might update you about your Ex’s life and this will make it hard to move on.

3.     Feel No Obligation to Congratulate Your Ex.

You’ll notice that online that some people advise congratulating your Ex if you’re still friends with them.

However, it might be best to stop having a connection with your Ex, when you congratulate your Ex this might imply that you’re still thinking about him.

4.     Stop Monitoring People on Social Media.

Unfollow your Ex on all social media sites. You might wish to consider unfollowing any of your mutual friends or family members. You’ll be led astray if you don’t, the saying goes.

You might want to check up on them even after unfollowing them occasionally.

Do not, resist the urge and simply continue. It will be a self-punishment if you still know your Ex’s life on social media.

5.     Keep Occupied and Surrounded by Those Who Love You. 

You need that energy from the people around you to be reminded of how terrific you are. “Those that love you will give you the confidence boost you need.

Keep busy on the day you receive the news by leaving the house or taking on an activity or project.

Distract yourself that day and practice self-care. For instance, treat yourself to a spa day. Get that new hairstyle you’ve been wanting. Perhaps buy yourself some stylish clothing that you’ve had your eye on for a while.

6.     List All the Reasons Why It Ended in Writing.

Sometimes people may begin questioning their decision and only reflect on the positive aspects of their relationship.

Woman making a list

Make a list of all the reasons the relationship didn’t work out instead of doing that. It will remind you why you are no longer with that individual and that you made the best choice.

7.     You Don’t Need to Tell Your Present Partner About This.

Do not even discuss it with your existing spouse.

Keep the past out of your current connection since that energy is now in it.

Your partner can become uneasy and wonder if you’ve moved on if you bring up your Ex.

Here Are Nine Emotions You Might Have When You Hear Your Ex has Proposed to Another.

1.     Shock

You need to go through this emotion before you can start processing any other feelings. Do you inhabit some bizarre reality? Is it a joke? Why does your entire body feel tingly?

2.     Jealousy 

Yes, he once skipped putting out the trash for eight months. Yes, he did refer to several waiters as “babe” in front of you.

However, you two once had something which might have been proposed to on a Jumbotron.

3.     Anger

You find yourself thinking the same three things repeatedly:

W.T.F. Now he decides he doesn’t have a paralyzing fear of commitment?

Now that he’s decided, will he get rid of that hideous goatee?

Four years ago, where was he? He owes you at the very least the money you spent on all of his “grown-up” work shoes.

4.     Relief

After getting through the rage and envy of the strange betrayal you feel, take a big breath and feel relieved – if could have been you but you dodged a bullet.

No more snoring, no more food stuck in his moustache!

5.     Bemusement

The idea of this new girl spending a lifetime with him and his collection of figurines is funnier than the fact that you ever dated an adult guy who collected dolls, even though you wouldn’t typically laugh at someone else’s misfortune.

6.     Pity

But really, this poor girl has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

The next time he plays video games for 17 straight hours, part of you wants to message her and let her know you’re there for her.

7.     Dread

Even though this engagement bomb is already terrible, you soon understand that it’s only the beginning.

The following year will see a parade of their engagement photos, gushing status updates about them, and images from the big day.

8.     Nostalgia

You’ll find yourself daydreaming about the good times – how it was really cute when you two rode the Ferris wheel on the boardwalk, how nobody made enchiladas quite like him.

You even fondly remember those awful documentaries he made you watch. You will always remember.

9.     Smugness

Let him get married.

She should stop posting post close-ups of the ring.

You are an independent woman without constrains.

Maybe tonight you’ll go dancing. Maybe you’ll decide to visit Vegas on a whim and wed a total stranger this weekend. Perhaps he should take a break from his Facebook page.

Things To Do in Coping When Your Ex-Lover Gets Engaged

 Your Facebook news feed is likely flooded with information about pals who got engaged over the holidays if it’s anything like mine.

While those couples are undoubtedly over the moon, if you were the Ex-girlfriend of a recently engaged man, this revelation can, well, stink. Here is a solution.

Don’t Punish Yourself for Feeling Resentful.

The thought of getting married to a man when you’re in your 20s or 30s would likely dance through your brain when you start a serious relationship with him.

You may have even been on the verge of proposing to him. If you’re in a great relationship or engaged, it still feels strange when you find out that he is marrying someone else.

It doesn’t imply that your current partnership is broken or that you still long for your Ex. It’s common not to feel at ease with the feeling that you have been replaced, but it happens.

Recall The Reasons Behind Your Breakup.

It can be helpful to consider all the factors that led to your breakup.

Stop glossing over things and remember every single upsetting, embarrassing, annoying, irksome habit.

Recall in detail the heartwrenching, irrational fights and the toll they took on you. 

He may seem to be a fantastic guy now, but he’s really the same guy – the one that broke your heart.

He brought you pain, and you don’t need him in your life.

On Facebook, Hide Him.

Immediately unfriending him is not the solution.

Keeping him from appearing in your Facebook stream.

You shouldn’t have to read other people’s congratulations or remarks that you might misinterpret as insults (I know I would feel the sting if I read, “I always knew this gal was the one for you!” from a shared acquaintance).

Remember the adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Get Distracted.

Do you know what your friend would do if she found herself in this predicament?

Probably she’d organise a badass girls’ getaway. Great idea! Because she’d be having fun with herself rather than moping around.

Rather let him go from your mind once and for all and think better things.

Good luck to him (but he was a jerk, no need to get in touch). Even he didn’t mean to hurt you and make you unhappy – he did put himself first at all times.

Final Thoughts on My Ex Just Got Engaged to Their New Partner— Why Do I Care?

He’s out of your life and has been since you broke up. Stop hurting yourself by thinking of him like he’s still part of you. Let him go.

If you are still holding one to a few things from the past, like old letters, or photographs, maybe you should ceremoniously burn them and let any notion of him drift out of your life and be forever in your past where they belong. 

Begin each day by looking forward to your future and enjoy this new life you’ve made for yourself.

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